Hero of Heroes
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Pisces Aphrodite (Saint Seiya Pachinko)

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There seems to be a virus/bot in the tag 

Please so not click any of those recent posts with LoS “Hero” video.


Parece que hay un virus/bot en el tag. Por favor no den click en los posts recientes sobre el video “Hero” de LoS.

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Scorpio Milo (Saint Seiya Pachinko)

Apr 18th
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I feel greatly honored to write the theme song for SAINT SEIYA.
I truly believe I have created a touching song with a beautiful melody using a hero as the motif. I very happily accepted this offer since I of course knew SAINT SEIYA and I am a great fan of anime. I saw the manga a long time ago.

Before writing the song I had the chance to see the new movie, which feels like it was created at a magnificent scale.
I actually faced a big struggle with matching my music with the movie. The result is a sort of ballad, rather than a loud piece. I think the song suits the magnificent scale sensitivity of SAINT SEIYA. I will play this song during the upcoming Yoshiki Classical World Tour at 13 venues in 10 countries.

" —

Yoshiki about “Hero” [ via Music Japan Plus ]


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Saintia Sho Capitolo 09 

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Name two things you like about yourself, then pass it on to the first ten people on your dash. #TeamSelfEsteem

Oh, haha. I don’t usually get this kind of ask here.
I like… My patience and my sense of humor, i guess.


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